Samurais vs Delta Force 1-0

Samurais vs Delta Force 1-0

A match between 2 teams on CTF

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Teams are groups of players that come together to play gamemodes. Some challenge other teams, whilst some  just play to have fun.

Starting a teamEdit

To start a team, simply post a team application on the forums. In your post, you must say important information about your team, as well as a template for the application.

CTF teams must be in the "Pending" stage for more than 1 month before becoming eligible for "Official" status.


CTF matches- Players play a certain number of matches, to see who gets the best of the total amount. This is usually 3, but varies. They maps are chosen by team leaders, and restrictions are usually no engineers or dwarfs. Message Coasted or Saixos and ask if they can referee the match. All matches take place on, which is only open when team matches are taking place.

ZC matches- Players play a certain amount of matches to see who gets the best of the total amount. There is no private server or referee. You have to organise it all by yourself. Rules are decided by team leaders.

Headshot, smash and sabotage teams don't have matches, headshot is a possiblity in the future.

Team List Edit

CTF team list
Team Name Server Leader
The Templars CubbyScout
The Beta DomoDancer
CTF Samurais Team has Disbanded
The Grassfolks Team has Disbanded
The Red Flaggers DDRMANIAC007
The Blobz oat82997
The Blue Flaggers oStaiko
VenomXI Blake_Callahan
The Mushies TheShinyCrobat
The Bears frostedsquids
Dream Team Team has Disbanded
Vengence Sweet797
Delta Force duskippy
CTF Savages No server bennyb123

Zone Control Team list
Team name Server Leader
The Pink Zoners 96Tenshi
008's Brickerbeast
The Red Zoners jono_9
The Blood Brothers dplatz7400
The Blue Zoners oStaiko
The Mighty Unicorns Canadian_Unicorn

Headshot Team list
Team Name Server Leader
Hotshot No Server INSTINCT
Fusion camcole99
The Guerillas Ncisdiaboloist

Smash Teams
Team Name Leader
The Smash Bros Maxx2754
Frostbite DunnyDude29
The Legion MinerMaster020

Sabotage Team
Team Name Server Leader
The Saboteurs Paramorfan124