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MinecraftPvP (more commonly known as Mcpvp) is a major server chain in minecraft. It supports many player-versus-player game types such as CTF and Smash PvP. 

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It received much of its publicity from its 'Hunger Game' servers, although, it had said game-mode long before the hunger game books and movies were popular and were once called 'tournaments'. The servers are owned by Kurtis Welch, who goes by "Hclewk". Mcpvp is one of the most popular servers on minecraft, easily having over 2,500 players on its servers at peak hours.

Server IP's

-If you are unable to join because it says the server is full, you can go here to find the list of specific servers.
- This connects you to one of the following a1.us.mcctf.com-a9.us.mcctf.com...d1.us.mcctf.com-d9.mcctf.com or if you're closer to Europe than Texas it will connect you to a1.eu.mcctf.com-a9.eu.mcctf.com, b1.eu.mcctf.com-b9.eu.mcctf.com
-Specific servers starting soon can be found here  under the 'Open Servers' tab.
-Main: mcpvp.com
-Badger: b.mcpvp.com
-Elite: elite.mcpvp.com

Click the links for specific information regarding each server.

General MCPVP Commands

Here is a list of commands that you can use on all of MCPVP's servers. 

Command Description
/who Shows a list of all players on the server
/ip Shows the ip of the server you're on
/help Shows a list of server-specific commands
/ignore (playername)

Blocks all messages from player until you log out. Can't /ignore staff members.

/unignore (playername) Used to undo the /ignore command
/tag (rank) Can be used to appear as a different rank, as long as it is at or below your actual rank. Example: If you're MVP you can do '/tag normal' but you can't do '/tag pro'
/msg (playername)(message)

Used to private message players

/r (message)

Shortcut for private messages; sends the message to the last player you pm'd or the last player that pm'd you.

For more commands, look at the Gamemode pages.


MCPVP offers 3 monthly memberships which give you in-game benefits. Green = VIP, Blue = MVP, Gold = PRO, Purple = Mod (Has permissions for kicking and silencing), Purple italicized = Mod+ (Inherits Mod with banning as well as other commands), and Red = Admin. You can buy VIP, MVP, and PRO and see their benefits here.

Other Useful Pages

Here are some pages which will help people starting out on MCPVP.