FANDOM's Kit PvP servers are based around receiving a kit consisting of Iron Armor and a Diamond sword, then being matched against numerous other players in one large free-for-all arena. The servers boast a variety of buffs, debuffs and neutral effects all available for purchase via. credits. The whole server is custom coded and is very well maintained.

Credit SystemEdit

The unique credit system on Kit PvP sets McPVP's servers apart from the rest. The system allows for balanced and rewarding PvP experiences. If a player has purchased a large amount of buffs, the amount of credits gained upon killing the player increases. In a similar manner, if a player acquires a large amount of debuffs, their kill worth decreases.

If a player has more buffs, they will begin to collect less credits upon killing an enemy. This is to prevent credit farming when a player is basically unable to be killed. Again, in a similar way, if a player has more de-buffs, they will receive more credits upon killing someone.


There is a wide range of available buffs on the Kit PvP servers. This is a list of currently available buffs: 

  • Knockback
  • Sharpness
  • Protection
  • Swiftness
  • Strength
  • Diamond Armor

These buffs are acquirable by typing /buffs ingame. Each time the command is used in one life, the price to use it again increases.


The range of debuffs available almost matches the amount of positive buffs. These debuffs increase the amount of credits gained upon killing another player.*Archer - Bow and arrow

  • Hunger
  • Slowness
  • Gold Armor
  • Leather Armor


The Kit PvP servers were created in Minecraft 1.2.5Template:Citation needed initially by hclewk, but development was later taken over by ThaRedstoner. Since then, many new features and improvements have been added and development still continues.

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