MCCTF Heavy Overview

MCCTF Heavy Overview

Basic overview of heavy

Heavy Inventory

Heavy's inventory

Heavy is the one of the four free classes for CTF and Zone Control. It is the most basic class, having no special abilities, being a regular hack and slash class. It is the default class that everyone who joins a game late or doesn't pick a class will be.

Armor and ItemsEdit

Armor: Full diamond (Ten armor points)

Weapon: Diamond sword (3.5-4.5 Hearts damage)

3 Steak (Heals 4 hearts)

Compass (Right click to change what flag it points to)

Class CountersEdit

Heavy: Best at PVP will win

Soldier: Heavy has the advantage in armor and weapon, soldier in steak and mobility

Archer: Archer has the advantage at long range, heavy at short

Medic: Heavy has the advantage for armor and weapon, medic in healing

Pyro: Pyro will always win if he gets the heavy on fire,a sneak attack from the heavy can kill the pyro

Engineer: Can tank damage from the turret, has a clear advantage in 1v1

Chemist: Poision goes through armor, heavy still has the advantage

Ninja: Heavy has more armor and can 3 shot

Dwarf: Dwarf will win if it has at least level 5 and is decent at pvp

Assassin: Wins if it sneak attacks, loses if you block the assination

Necro: Will win if it has a strength V mob

Mage: Can push back the heavy, cannot take very many hits

PVP tactics Edit

Block hitting: Hit the left and right mouse button at the same time to reduce incoming damage whilst still dealing damage to the enemy. Greatly reduces mobility.

Strafing: Jump sprint around the enemy to avoid their hits and deal critcal hits instead of regular ones.

Tanking: For dealing with engineer turrets. Run up to the turret and hold block to reduce the damage you take. Have a necro or assassin kill the turret or engineer.

Playing each role Edit

Offence: Heavy can push player back and hold a area with ease. Going with a group to push engineer turrets and helping soldiers to capture the flag or push people away from zones.

Defense: Heavy is best at this role. Can hold down areas easily and stop people from getting past. Very good for stopping ninjas and assassins.

Capping: Heavy is decent at capping. Can survive a lot of hits and take ninjas easily. Weak to pyros and sneak assassins and goes down against archers at long range. Has no mobility advantages.

Recovering: Not very good for heavy. Can't chase down people at all unless they aren't soldier ninja or assassin. Not recommed.